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Cacao Powder Raw Organic 250g (CLEARANCE - 30% off)

Cacao Powder Raw Organic 250g (CLEARANCE - 30% off)

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CLEARANCE - 30% off

At Ceres Organics we like to keep things clean and simple, that’s why our RAW Cacao Powder is just that! It’s made from certified organic cacao beans, cold-pressed in small batches. The cacao solids are then cold milled into this fine powder. This is done at low temperatures (below 47°C) and without any chemicals. The result is pure chocolatey goodness in it’s most natural form, without sugar or other additives. It’s packed with a healthy dose of nutrients – including dietary fibre, iron, magnesium, plus flavonoid antioxidants. 

It’s subtle chocolatey deliciousness, with a hint of bitterness, is great in RAW desserts, breakfast dishes or smoothies. Simply throw into anything you want to add cacao goodness too!