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Psyllium Husks 100 caps

Psyllium Husks 100 caps

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Psyllium is a popular natural bulk laxative, used in many over-the-counter brands, and is considered beneficial for constipation stemming from either an over-relaxed or over-tensed bowel. Psyllium increases available water content within the large intestine, thus increasing the bulk of the stool and making its passage easier. This action also helps relieve haemorrhoids by reducing irritation of the distended vein. Furthermore, the soothing, healing effect produced by the mucilage rich husks and seeds helps relive gastrointestinal inflammation associated with acid indigestion and stomach and duodenal ulcers

Offers high levels of soluble fibre.Can play an important part in helping the body maintain cholesterol levelSoothes the bowel

Per 2 CapsulesPsyllium Hulls930mg