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Snoremed Oral Spray 25ml

Snoremed Oral Spray 25ml

Naturo Pharm
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Snormed Relief helps clear nasal and throat passages and promotes natural breathing.
It is available in both convenient oral spray and tablet form.

Beneficial for:

  • assisting with clear breathing by keeping the nasal passages and throat clear
  • promoting natural breathing

Active Ingredients: Contains homoeopathic potencies of:

  • Cistus Canadensis 30c,
    Echinacea 6x
  • Hydrastis 12x
  • Iodum 60x
  • Kali Bich 60x
  • Kali Iod 30c
  • Mercurius Viv 30c
  • Sabadilla 60x
  • Sticta 6c