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Zinc Melts 60 tabs

Zinc Melts 60 tabs

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Zinc lozenges with Zinc Citrate & Vitamin A for mucosal & immunity support.

Zinc has become one of the most common mineral deficiencies in our western society. Zinc acts to support immunity during the winter months and year-round. Zinc supports the specific immune system cells that help combat bacteria and viruses, along the mucous lining, which is often our first line of defense in the body.

Zinc is suitable for everyone concerned about their health and for those with a busy, demanding lifestyle that need an easy, convenient and easily absorbable Zinc to supplement with daily.

Delicious Vanilla Berry flavored tablet, dissolves instantly and easily in the mouth. Quick absorption & better bioavailability.

Ideal for the whole family to take with its delicious flavour and flexible dosage per tablet.